Wednesday, March 7, 2007

To Present or to Persuade that is the Question!

Journal 15:

At the beginning of this project I automatically assumed I would be doing a persuasive research paper, however the project since then has taken on a different tone. I admit in the beginning I rushed into this subject and shortly after reading my first few sources and made it my mission to convince everyone in the world that mirror neurons were the most cutting edge answer to all of autisms problems.With many of the sourcing saying that the discovery of the mirror neuron system was one of the greatest unpublished discoveries of the decade it was easy to become overexcited and a little disappointing when I looked a little further. Scientists always disagree with one another and the facts always tend to support something other than what they are trying to convince us of, this I take to be generally true. Autism research is nothing different; thousands of researchers all doing independent research and all presenting accurate, but conflicting findings. What I have found concerning mirror neurons in autism is enough to have convinced me that they play a role in autism, but as a scientist and a researcher myself all I can do, professionally, is present what I have found in an expository research paper and let people make their own educated opinion on the subject. To try to lead people to believe that my opinion is the right one would be embarrassing and unprofessional on my part due to the amount of research that does not agree with my findings. For these reasons my paper will clearly be an expository research paper.

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Shelly said...

I like your honesty and I'm sure anyone reading this and other things you write will like it too. I will be looking forward to seeing your final paper so I can find out my own opinion on your subject.